SAG Consulting LLC of St. Louis Missouri

SAG Consulting Projects

St. Louis Healthy & Sustainable Housing Initiative (HSHI)

  • Facilitated the formation of a regional Task Force of Partners who have been involved in housing, energy/weatherization, and all varieties of environmental health issues (including asthma and other respiratory diseases, as well as lead poisoning prevention);
  • Assisted the St. Louis Regional Asthma Consortium (SLRAC) and other regional partners with drafting the HSHI Strategic Plan — funded in whole by the Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH);

Police Retirement System of St. Louis (PRS)

  • Providing consulting services to assist the PRS with developing and proposing legislative changes to help reduce the pension plan’s future liabilities, and to help sustain the pension system as a long-term Defined Benefit (DB) Plan;
  • Providing local government liaison services to assist the PRS with communication and coordination with, and support from, the City of St. Louis administration.

Red Sea Eritrean Community Center (RSECC) — 1039-45 N. Grand Blvd.

  • Assisting the RSECC with the renovation of their existing building and improvements to their property for a community center/banquet hall and parking lot. Providing the following services:
    • Owner’s Representation
    • Project Management
    • Architectural/engineering design and construction documents
    • Construction budgeting
    • Business plan development
    • Operating budget planning
    • Construction management
    • Project financing assistance

Central Corridor Security Initiative (CCSI)

  • Providing the following services to assist UNITED FOR A BETTER ST. LOUIS:
    • Drafted the CCSI Concept Paper;
    • Facilitating the organization and operation of the Central Corridor Security Group — assisting them with developing a mission, goals and objectives;
    • Assisting with planning and development of the Central Corridor Security Camera Surveillance/Monitoring System Project:
      1. Coordinating and facilitating asset mapping and needs assessments;
      2. Researching, examining prototypes, and investigating best practices for comparable security camera/monitoring systems in other cities;
      3. Coordinating and facilitating the development of the plans and specifications for the proposed Integrated Security Camera Pilot Project, which will provide an open-architecture common data platform to link all existing camera systems, include new cameras to cover identifed hot spots, and will provide remote, real-time, active monitoring of the cameras by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and other authorized personnel;
      4. Drafting an ongoing Operations and Maintenance Plan;
      5. Researching, identifying and assisting with procuring grant and other funding to implement installation of the security camera/surveillance system.